Dan Wich
Dan Wich looking more smug than he intended.

I’m Dan, and I can help you:

  1. Fix broken WooCommerce emails (emails that never get sent, are exiled to spam folders, or have broken contents).
  2. Send WooCommerce emails that result in more sales (abandoned cart reminders, custom coupons, and improvements to the emails you’re already sending).
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I’ll be tweeting out tips at @MailMechanic, and you can leave a comment below if you have a topic idea you’d like me to write a guide for.

My recent articles:

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WooCommerce email formats

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2 thoughts on “MailMechanic – Dan Wich”

    1. Howdy Tim,
      If I remember right, someone had a theme that supplied WooCommerce email template overrides, but the plain-text emails were clumsily spaced. So when whitespace was removed from the beginning of a translation, it would end up concatenating with the querystring parameter used for resetting the password. Definitely nothing broken on Loco Translate’s end!

      That kind of thing is obscure enough that I’ll pull the Loco Translate reference from that page. I’ll have to figure out a better way to word that whole section, I meant “conflicts” more in the sense of “try disabling these to troubleshoot” than true incompatibilities.

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