Dan Wich
Dan Wich looking more smug than he intended.

I’m Dan, and I can help you:

  1. Fix broken WooCommerce emails (emails that never get sent, are exiled to spam folders, or have broken contents).
  2. Send WooCommerce emails that result in more sales (abandoned cart reminders, custom coupons, and improvements to the emails you’re already sending).
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I’ll be tweeting out tips at @MailMechanic, and you can leave a comment below if you have a topic idea you’d like me to write a guide for.

My recent articles:

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Symptoms of the problem You’ll find you can’t change the email settings on an individual email (like the recipient email address) because hitting Save changes…
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WooCommerce email formats

WooCommerce has the option to send emails in three different formats for each type of notification: Name Content-type Description Plain text text/plain Plain text without…
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